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Samsung C27F398 27 Inch Curved Monitor || Onlineojo

Samsung C27F398

The Samsung C27F398 1800R curved display with a 3: 1 contrast ratio provides a truly realistic viewing experience.

>>>>>C27F398 Samsung 27-Inch<<<<<

Samsung C27F398


The 3000: 1 contrast ratio provides a realistic viewing experience. The Samsung C27F398 is slim and slim with a thickness of less than 0.5 inches. Create stunning speeches while you are creative. Works with a 27-inch screen. A simple circular stand will add a modern look to your space.

>>>>>C27F398 Samsung 27-Inch<<<<<

AMD Free Sync Technology in Samsung C27F398

AMD Free Sync technology allows users to enjoy smooth images even in the fastest moving scenes. C27F398 Samsung’s AMD Free Sync syncs dynamic screen refresh rates with content frame rates to reduce latency. Data transmission and tear reduction and stuttering during game play. With a response time of 4 milliseconds, you’ll see the fastest, smoother, smoother motion on the screen with smoother, sharper and less ghosting. Fast response time ensures clear images, allowing players to experience the highest levels of gameplay.

Eye Saver mode enhances your viewing pleasure by reducing the amount of blue light and flashing at the touch of a button. Samsung C27F398 Read documents, play games, watch movies and edit photos for extended periods of time, and experience a comfortable and pleasant viewing experience. Pleasant without worrying about sight or fatigue.

>>>>>C27F398 Samsung 27-Inch<<<<<

Samsung C27F398 Highlight

Experience vibrant colors with Samsung’s Active Crystal Color technology. The contrast ratio of 3000: 1 gives you full black and bright white color so you can see clearly in the darkest or brightest places.

– Industry-leading 1800R screen curves for immersive viewing.
– Slim design with high gloss black finish and T-shaped legs.
– 4ms fast response time for clear images between fast moving scenes.
– compatible with Windows: Windows 10 output: audio / headphone (3.5 mm)
– Product dimensions without stand: 24.5 “x 14.5” x 3.2 “with stand: 24.5” x 18.4 “x 9.6”




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